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Salt 'n' Shake Tax.

In a 200 page report that took two years to write, the government food Tzar has indicated that in his view taxes should be raised on salt and sugar in an attempt to reduce the amount people are eating. He also said that the government needs to get involved as many in the industry won't do it as the economics won't work.

In an article in the Independent the author of the report also said "speaking with people in the Treasury, I feel reassured that the government recognise this and also that the NHS will be overrun if they don't address this."

So are we now going to be told to eat less sugar and salt to save the NHS?

This is another flagrant attempt to raise taxes for the very people who are really struggling to make ends meet. Why do those in government think that if they raise taxes people will cut their consumption of a high sugar or salt product.

We have seen this happen with chocolate bars where in a similar move the product has got more expensive and a lot smaller. A regular chocolate bar these days is almost the same size that a funsize bar used to be. The point that the mandarins don't understand is if you make the bar smaller people will tend to eat more of them. The same thing will happen here if they implement this awful tax.

If an individual wants to eat a sugary or high salt product It's their choice, they are not going to suddenly stop if the tax increases. They will in fact source those products elsewhere and in many cases get it from a black market source.

Government is there to help create the right economic environment so that the market and in turn the producers can price their fresh fruit and vegetables at a cheaper rate making the choice to a family greater. When talking to many families they say that a lot of the time the healthier options tend to be more expensive than the more sugary or salty foods. Those in Westminster and their so-called experts really do live in a bubble outside of reality.

They need to stop their coercive actions taxing people for everything under the sun and let people choose what they want to eat. They need to stop trying to control our lives and telling us what we can and can't eat.

Our party stands for low taxation in all aspects of life and that includes the food we all eat. The aggressive taxation of people must stop and let everyone use their personal responsibility for themselves and others to choose how they live their life and what they eat and drink.

Help us fight against tax rises of all forms, come and join us and support our party and our candidates in future elections so we can then start to bring taxation down to the minimum.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.

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