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Rules, what rules?

In yet more depressing news, government have revealed plans to bring all streaming services, including Amazon Prime under the control of Ofcom. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries believes the latest changes will "protect audiences" from "harmful material".

What it WILL do is add to their costs, which will then be passed on to the consumer. One also wonders how many more wine-swilling civil servants will be needed to sit and watch TV to check if content is suitable for the masses to watch? The size and cost of government itself shows no sign of ending its growth spurt.

But it seems rules are only applicable if they are ones set by government themselves. As we saw in Partygate, those at the top have scant regard for taking much notice when it comes to following them.

Perhaps Netflix could send Ms Dorries a new invoice for unauthorised use after she admitted she had shared her Netflix password with four other households in the UK – which is against the streaming company’s terms and conditions?

When she appeared in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee yesterday, Ms Dorries admitted that four other people, including her mother were using her account. This is something that pretty much every user knows they shouldn’t be doing. Netflix terms and conditions state users must be part of the same household to share access to a paid-for account.

"My mum has access to my account, the kids do. I have Netflix but there are four other people who can use my Netflix account in different parts of the country," Ms Dorries said. How nice of her to broadcast to the nation how to save money, but at the same time, damage a private firm’s income stream.

Just like her boss, she seems to believe she is above, or at very least immune to, the rules that apply to everyone else. She'll probably do well.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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