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Resistance Is Not Useless

FORD: Alright, just stop panicking!

ARTHUR: Who said anything about

panicking?!? This is still just a culture shock.

FORD: Arthur! You’re getting hysterical. Shut up!

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is useless!

FORD: You can shut up as well!

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is useless!

FORD: Oh, give it a rest! Do you really enjoy this sort of thing?

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is……what d’ ya mean?

FORD: I mean does it give you a full satisfying life? Stomping around, shouting, throwing people out of spaceships?

VOGON GUARD: The hours are good.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

‘The hours are good ‘ we are in the middle of a civil war between those who are funded by taxation and those whose lives are funded by their work being in demand , the dead hand of the bureaucrat against that of the creative.

It is the public sector that comfortably sits at home , euphemistically called ‘working from home ‘ knowing full well that the end of the month cheque will arrive regardless. The private sector suffers the anxiety of wondering where the next penny is coming from as corporate Britain and its lackeys in Parliament destroys their lives.

It is the public sector that is going around saying ‘resistance is useless’ introducing another lockdown based on fear, flawed data and, lets face it, down right lies

Resistance is not useless, Manchester students tore down the £11,000 ring of steel surrounding their accommodation and Manchester University apologised.

Imagine that Britain resisted on that scale and refused to cooperate with Hancock’s deranged edicts ‘for our own good’ and our rulers , police enforcers and public sector HAD to apologise.

This lockdown is scheduled to go on until the spring of 2021. Don’t take my word for it, that is when the Chancellor has extended the furlough debacle to. The legislation is in place until March 2022. Lunacy dictates you will be allowed ‘Christmas’ because cancelling Christmas will see the biggest act of defiance and resistance recorded in this country. However lockdown will be reintroduced immediately after Christmas.

We are all responsible for our own happiness, we are all responsible for the risks we take with our health.

We are approaching rapidly the tipping point that Eastern Europe reached in November 1989, when the public said to state communism, our lives are now so miserable we don’t care any longer for your ‘resistance is useless’ and State Communism collapsed in weeks.

Resistance is never useless ignore the Vogon and live your life to the fullest extent.

Andrew Withers

Wessex Coordinator

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