Resistance Is Not Useless

FORD: Alright, just stop panicking!

ARTHUR: Who said anything about

panicking?!? This is still just a culture shock.

FORD: Arthur! You’re getting hysterical. Shut up!

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is useless!

FORD: You can shut up as well!

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is useless!

FORD: Oh, give it a rest! Do you really enjoy this sort of thing?

VOGON GUARD: Resistance is……what d’ ya mean?

FORD: I mean does it give you a full satisfying life? Stomping around, shouting, throwing people out of spaceships?

VOGON GUARD: The hours are good.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

‘The hours are good ‘ we are in the middle of a civil war between those who are funded by taxation and those whose lives are funded by their work being in demand , the dead hand of the bureaucrat against that of the creative.

It is the public sector that comfortably sits at home , euphemistically called ‘working from home ‘ knowing full well that the end of the month cheque will arrive regardless. The private sector suffers the anxiety of wondering whe