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Reaching the point of no return

‘In the UK, like many other western liberal democracies, there has been a steady decline in turnout in general elections over recent decades. After a peak in the 1950 General election with 83.9% turnout in the UK steadily declining to ultimately an all time low turnout of 59.4% in the 2001 General election. Low turnout and disengagement in elections and the political process is more prevalent in younger voters. In addition to declining turnout over recent decades trust in the government has fallen also leading to disengagement.

Source; Wikipedia

I have had published a number posts on the subject of the Post-Democratic Age. We are now at the point of no return. We are inching closer to dropping below the fifty per cent mark, when government can no longer claim any form of political legitimacy.

Accepting the status quo and just complying with central Government’s latest diktat will lead to both poverty, falling living standards and inevitable conflict in society.

Do the Government care, considering the email received from the Electoral Commission this afternoon with greater regulation on political parties? Clearly not.

The choice is diminishing, the Conservative Party is now full on State Socialist, as is Labour, the Social Democrats the same. They don’t deserve the work Liberal in their title.

This party is entering its sixteen year, we need far more people caring about individual Liberty as activists. Otherwise the future is bleak.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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