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Rash Decisions

Marcus Rashford is appearing on the front pages of newspapers as often as he appears at the back lately. His campaign for free child’s meals during school holidays has matched his goal-scoring exploits for Manchester United and England. It has brought him many plaudits and a good few opponents.

Many argue that it is the job of the parents to feed their own kids. There is certainly a feral element who believe that alcohol and growing their tattoo collection come way above putting food in the bellies of their offspring. That isn’t the children’s fault. It also does a disservice to those parents trying do their best in circumstances which were not of their choosing.

There are also arguments that it was the government, through their lockdown of the economy due to the “pandemic”, that caused many of the parents to be out of work in the first place. Isn’t it right that they clean up their own mess? After all, it is not always easy to tailor a budget to a new reduced income. The likes of Sky, O2, et al don’t just go away. Contracts have to be honoured first.

Whichever side of the argument people find themselves on, no one can have missed the massive upsurge in voluntaryism in an effort to make sure all hungry kids are fed.

In Crewe, for example, – where Mr Rashford’s club are not always the most popular, – a huge concerted effort is being made. Football clubs, charities and businesses are providing free lunches, sometimes with proof of status, sometimes with no questions asked.

All across the country, organisations are in readiness to provide food to vulnerable children during half term next week. In local Facebook groups, private offers from individuals abound.

In the House of Commons, it has become a political football, with Labour promising another vote before the school holidays. I can imagine it now – Santa Starmer versus Boris the Grinch. It is on the ground, however, where this issue has proved the feasibility and practicality of Libertarianism. The job of feeding those children is being achieved – without government!

Just think how many more things could be achieved if the politicians kept their noses out of things and left more money in people’s pockets. The populace could get along fine without them, if only they tried more often.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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