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Random school rules annoy Libertarian Party parents.

Dated 31st August 2020

As the majority of parents prepare to send their children to school for the first time in six months, the Libertarian Party has hit out at the “completely random” rules their children face.

The diktat that pupils were to wear PE kit on the relevant days, and not allowed to change, has particularly upset many parents.

New Black Country group leader, Aaron Hudson, a former independent Parliamentary candidate for Stourbridge, is one who is unimpressed, saying “Some of the “rules” their school are implementing are completely random and smell of “we’re trying to make it look like we care by doing something”.

Most notably for example, on PE days, children are expected to arrive at school and go through the school day in their PE kit, but aren’t allowed to change after their PE lesson…

So if pupils have a PE lesson mid-morning, and they aren’t allowed to change into their normal school uniform from their PE kit, they are expected to sit in dirty and sweaty clothes. How unhygienic is that?

On a financial level, the school are strictly stating that “large bags will not be permitted”, meaning parents have the added expense of buying new bags if their child’s bag is deemed “too big” by the school, even though “large” is not defined.

Nor have they given reason why this rule is being put into place. Does a “large bag” potentially carry more of this “killer virus”?”

Glenville Gogerly, the Party’s Interim Chairman, added “The Government, especially the Department for Education needs to look how business is leading the way in making sure that the workforce is safe and adopt these practices in the school environment.

There is no reason to stop pupils changing at school. This can be achieved safely and schools need to see what big business is doing to solve a similar issue.”


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