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Privacy’s Last Stand.

The latest news is that the Labour Party is "examining the idea of forcing everyone to apply for registration" of digital ID. Twenty years ago, New Labour pushed ID cards, but the coalition thankfully scrapped them. Tony Blair, appearing again like an unwelcome cold sore, is now pushing it as the “solution” to illegal immigration. The suggestion reared its ugly head again with relation to the plague years and seems it will be thrust forward as a “miracle cure” to each and every woe that the media chooses to make a crisis of.

Labour’s shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock was quoted on radio yesterday saying that almost every EU member state had some kind of identity scheme & “it can’t be beyond the wit of man” for Britain to manage one too – though why the authoritarian EU should be held up as an example of an ideal is beyond me.

Yesterday, my daughter brightly strode from the house around 8am on her way to college, with the aim of catching an earlier bus than normal. Quite an achievement, really, as, like many teenagers, her idea of morning involves the few hours after midnight rather than the few before midday! But I digress…

It was fortunate she did, for as she boarded the bus and flashed the app that is her bus pass, it failed. Her explanation goes along the lines of an update had frozen her app, so she had to uninstall it, then reinstall it with the updated version to get it working again – or something like that. The relevant part was that she had to get off the bus and catch the next one.

It doesn’t take a quantum leap to go from that small incident to a digital ID to fail and be denounced and detained as an illegal migrant. Too far-fetched? This is the government we are talking about. Remember Track & Trace, a complete waste of up to £40 billion of taxpayers’ money? Any inquiry into that should be to track and trace where all the money went, and arrest all miscreants, even if they are hiding in the Australian jungle!

So, whether you agree with ID or not, and we already have passports, driving licenses et al, which are replicated by criminals, this idea of digital chipping, whether on smart phones or subdermal like dogs, must be opposed as the dystopian nightmare that it is. Join us and help us to fight for freedom.

Martin Day - Party Secretary

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