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Press Release

In the very early hours of Sunday morning, local residents contacted Gary Farmer, the Libertarian Party candidate for Lye Town & Stourbridge North, about a substantial fly tipping.

Over one hundred plastic bags worth of rubbish was eventually collected and all had to be double bagged by Gary and his team later that day.

Gary, who recently was awarded the William Shenstone Award for the environment at the Mayor’s Ball, has become the ‘go-to man’ for local residents. It’s not the local councillor or MP having their sleep disturbed.

With access to a neighbouring tip at one end of the borough denied through a local financial falling-out with Wolverhampton and a booking system introduced at the one remaining facility, one could be forgiven for thinking the fly tipping is the direct result of policies introduced by the current Conservative administration.

On top of this the very expensive CCTV system, which is costing residents a fortune, has caught nobody and was reported as ‘not working’.

Gary is a local man, with his business in the area, not parachuted in from afar for a ten minute photo op. He is standing for councillor to end this situation, hold those responsible to account and to get the Council to do what it is paid to do done.

Dudley MBC waste management came on Tuesday and removed over 120 bags of household waste.


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