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Following the Press Conference yesterday with Boris Johnson and his two senior advisors, senior members of the Libertarian Party were united in their condemnation of the last minute moves to slash the Christmas window for seeing family from five days to one.

The legality of this is questionable, as is the timing. Parliament had gone into recess the day before, we are supposed to have the pretence of being a Parliamentary democracy.

Party Secretary, Martin Day, said “With my wife on a cancer ward for the next few weeks at least, having gone untreated in lockdown 1, it makes little difference to me what rules are imposed over Christmas.

“However, many families have scrimped and saved, some after months of furloughed wages and some after losing their jobs altogether.

“Plans made now have to be cancelled at the last minute. In Boris’ own words, it would be “frankly ‘inhuman’ to ban gatherings”. It seems this government truly is.

“Boris, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance are Three Unwise Men.”

Interim Chairman, Glenville Gogerly, said “Back in October I wrote my article Suffer The Children about the effect of lockdown on our younger ones.

“I now repeat the first paragraph; In this frightful year of Covid-19 the Government has forgotten the children and in doing so has left many young children of both primary school and high school age in a terrible dark and lonely place.

The Government has not heeded the warning in these words. They have now stolen Christmas from children and their families with their Authoritarian Covid-19 policy.

“They have scarred a generation and will pay the consequences for decades to come.

Whilst Wessex Coordinator, Andrew Withers, added “I feared a police state back in March.

“This is far worse and an authoritarian junta of no more than twenty people, drunk on power, are destroying our hard fought freedoms on a whim.”

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