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Please Sir Can I Have Some More?

With the restrictions of tier three slowly taking over the North Labour Metro Mayor Andy Burnham dug his heels in to get more money for Greater Manchester from the Government. What he did for the people of Manchester was really to place them into further debt. The money that the people will be receiving is actually theirs which they have paid in income tax and other taxes such as VAT.

What so many people fail to recognise is that this gargantuan debt will be passed on to the young for generations. With Government borrowing announced, to the end of September at £2.06trn which equates to 103.5% of GDP meaning that the Government is spending more than it is “earning” in income. This situation cannot go on and it seems Boris, Rishi and the rest of the Cabinet have driven through every red traffic light. Keir Starmer’s Labour are calling for a “circuit break” which is basically lockdown renamed.

Taking this route will truly take us to a very bad place and we must note that Nicola Sturgeon has taken Scotland further down this path. Wales has gone down this route also. The route of devolution is the way forward but it has to be full devolution and not the current half way house the devolved nations find themselves in at the moment.

The strategy that the Government is taking is in my opinion wrong for many reasons. As I said countless times shield the vulnerable and then go for a herd immunity strategy. Now, turning back to devolution there is a different approach as outlined in our manifesto. By creating The Confederation Of Free States Of Britain a Libertarian Party Government will devolve the bulk of tax raising powers and spending powers to the Treasuries of the Free Federal States that its constitution calls for (states such as Wessex, Mercia and Wales).

The National Treasury will seek contributions from the free states that make up the Federal Government, for any contribution above and beyond that levied to finance policies retained at National level which might mean only defence.

This policy will bring great benefits as this will create competition among the States to deliver an attractive tax regime to the people and business investors who might choose to live in any given State. It will also deliver the benefit of allowing more decisions to be taken in a manner reflecting the wishes of those who live in a State.

The virus has bought to the surface many faults in the way the country is governed. There needs to be a change and I truly believe that government from Westminster is yesterday’s story. Constitutional reform that brings us a written constitution that holds the individual to be above the State and that Great Britain should be a Confederation of Free States where it will be confirmed in Law that the People are sovereign.

On a sunny day in Salisbury in 2018 I attended the first Wessex Witan to be held in a thousand years and I became an Ealdorman of the Wessex Witan. This was set up to work towards the devolution of the State of Wessex. This was an important first step on that road. We have to show the political format that is now in place is not built for the present let alone the future.

The debacle that is the Tory government’s strategy is so misplaced and the other parties are just as bad with their strategy. The people of our fair Isles have the future in their hands. We are approaching a fork in the road. One fork is for authoritarian statism and the other is one of individual freedom through Libertarianism and I know which direction I will be taking.

Glenville Gogerly EADW – Libertarian Party Home Affairs Spokesperson.

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