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Personal Choice is King

At the onset of Covid, the prognosis for humanity wasn’t good. Of course, the media were paid to follow a certain narrative and like good little lapdogs, they did what they were told. Horrific statistics came out of the numbers of deaths and those filling up A&E wards.

Then, for almost a year, we the public, were fed the line “V*xeeenes are coming”. It became a race between the big pharmaceuticals to get their products to market. Only one, AstraZeneca, with a product developed by boffins at Oxford University, made theirs available at cost. The others must have rubbed their hands in glee at the impending profits.

Those of us who questioned the incredible speed that these products were rushed through testing were called conspiracy theorists, cranks and worse. No doubt there were extensive tests, but the one thing that couldn’t be checked was the long-term effects of these new products. There simply hadn’t been the time elapsed.

This short piece isn’t intended to say that these products were wrong, or that government made mistakes in rolling them out so quickly on a huge scale. But the admission, on the UK government’s own website, that there have been cases where there have been death or disability as a result of people taking them, is significant.

It is proof that the new medicines didn’t suit everyone and that the pressure to almost force people to have an injection some of them didn’t want was verging on the tyrannical. Talk of health passports to go to events or travel abroad were only averted by the huge public backlash. Yet the government persisted in their message – right down to young children who were at negligible threat from the original virus.

One wonders if we will ever know how many people hit the government for the £120,000 compensation figure, but for me, at least, it is less about the cost of these claims and more about them showing why personal choice is so important. The individual must be the one to make the decision, not the state.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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