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People make the Proms – not music

Dated 25th August 2020

As the controversy continues around the BBC decision to leave “Rule Britannia” and “Land of Hope & Glory, a Libertarian spokesman has hit out.

Martin Day, Libertarian Party press secretary, said, “It is people who make this event what it is, not the wording of any given song. This woke censorship has to end.

The Last night of the Proms is a celebration of the great things that this country has achieved and people should be free to sing what they wish to.

Yes, we all know that mistakes were made, horrible things happened and the British Empire was far from perfect.

But if one looks at the strength of the Commonwealth now, it is a legacy that we, as a nation, can be proud of

As for the afore named pieces of shamelessly jingoistic music, were the people there in the Albert Hall, I somehow doubt anyone could stop them being sung – even without the orchestra!”


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