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Parliamentary Representative Democracy is now dead and buried.

With days to go an MP whose constituents voted 70 – 30 to Leave has forced through a bill through the Commons and Lords and gained Royal Assent making it Law that we cannot Leave the EU ‘without a deal’

The implications of this are fairly straight forward

Parliamentary Representative Democracy is now dead and buried.

Cooper is not a representative, she has defied the will of the people who sent her to Parliament. Her personal integrity was laid bare in the Expenses scandal, where Parliament and the then speaker tried to effect a cover up.

The Conservative Party is gearing up to fight the EU Parliamentary Elections, with members salivating over the £86 000 salary plus benefits paid from your taxes

The Labour Party and the SNP are using this issue bring down this Government and replace it with a Far Left Coalition with Venezuelan Economic Policies

Let us be clear the Monarchy has ‘assented ‘ to this measure, let that sink in; that institution is now deeply mired in overturning the Referendum.

The Libertarian Party will not take part in the European Elections nor will it pay £5000 per seat ‘Democracy Tax’ as it will not give any legitimacy to the EU. Members of the Party are advised to look to their own conscience as to who they wish to vote for or simply write none of the above and at least have their voted recorded as spoilt.

A clear message needs to be sent at the local elections by not voting for any party that has taken part in the appalling travesty.

The Libertarian Party has clear proposals for a written Constitution , electoral reform and a Federal Great Britain that devolves power away from Westminster and Whitehall and gives voice to all the people by making ‘The People Sovereign’, something that the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats do not believe in.

The fight now is just beginning, deselections are just beginning, the Conservatives will never be trusted again, the Labour Party and SNP will prove as inept financially in Government as they are in London and Holyrood.

The fight for Liberty has begun, join us , we are now entering the trench warfare phase against the established order that is mired in corruption and personal gain.

Andrew Withers, Chairman

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