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Parliamentary Representative Democracy has died

Date: Tuesday 26th February 2019

It was a slow, lingering death, with the patient being kept artificially alive long after it was able to function, but the Libertarian Party Chairman, Andrew Withers, has declared Parliamentary Representative Democracy dead.

Cliques of MP’s who have sold their soul to the EU are forming ‘parties’ that do not even bother to register with the Electoral Commission.

Recent announcements by Britain’s two largest parties have spurred the Libertarian Party to come to this conclusion.

Mr Withers said “The old two-and-a-bit party system has let down the people of this country.

“Labour have gone back on their manifesto pledges not to have a second Brexit referendum and the Tories continue to find ways of kicking the can down the road.

“Neither of them stuck to their manifesto claims and neither represent the Leave verdict that people voted for.

“We, the people, are fighting an establishment that is taking more of our money in taxes than any time in the last fifty years and wants government for government’s sake.

“The time has come, representative democracy is dead, it is time for people to regain their individual liberty.”

“Only the Libertarian Party has called for an end to this impasse in Parliament;

  1. There should be a written Constitution that constrains Parliament and the Office of Prime Minister.

  2. Written Guarantee that ‘THE PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN”, not Parliament.

  3. An End to the FIRST PAST THE POST sham

  4. Electoral Reform

  5. There should be a Federal Government, not a centralised Whitehall Rule

If you believe in all of the above you may be a Libertarian, Join us!

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