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: a formal conference for the discussion of public affairs

Specifically : a council of state in early medieval England

Except in the UK, it's not ok to discuss vaccines or exercise free speech – or even to quote eminent scientists that are not employed by the WEF-supporting government.

When one MP who had the courage of his convictions to question the narrative asked awkward questions about the benefits of an injection as opposed to the cost, he had the whip withdrawn and was banished from the Tory party.

Unbelievably, Matt Hancock came out and ‘condemned’ Andrew Bridgen. Was this really the same Matt Hancock that oversaw the closure of much of so many hospital beds, leading to heart disease and cancer deaths that are still soaring now? The same Matt Hancock who sent untested patients back into care homes and caused a significant proportion of the death figures?

Mr Bridgen also tweeted yesterday “So no mention of the elephant in the room? Is the failure of the NHS also responsible for the current excess deaths in all other countries that administered the gene therapy mRNA ‘vaccines’?” Excess deaths, currently running at 1,000 a week in the UK says The Times, are happening all over the world.

As for the anti-Semitic slur, what exactly is wrong with saying the holocaust was a crime against humanity? Surely it would be offensive if someone denied that.

Coincidentally, he gets a five-day suspension for breaking lobbying rules. Anyone else think that is very suspicious timing? So now he won’t be in Parliament to defend himself. As the saying goes… ““When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

So, what is the point of this place Parliament? If free discussion of public affairs is not allowed, why not just demolish it and save billions in repair bills?

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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