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Papering Over the Cracks

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is supposedly on the verge of announcing the return of imperial measurements to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee, in a desperate attempt to boost support among Brexit voters in former “Red Wall” seats that the Conservatives are in danger of losing.

As new measures go, it is little more than papering over the cracks in the Conservative Party defences after they have been battered by repeated scandals and inflation, almost entirely of their own doing.

Mr Johnson claimed that measuring in pounds and ounces was an “ancient liberty” as he heralded a “new era of generosity and tolerance” towards traditional measurements. Well, if he really thinks that is going to firm up the support of ardent Brexiteers, he needs a reality check.

As one of those ardent campaigners, I have to say that winning back the likes of pounds and ounces was very low on the scale. Like the blue passport, often derided by Europhiles as the only benefit of leaving the EU, it was a side dish to the main course.

Had he announced a cancellation of the EU-spawned HS2, he might have reduced the rapidly rising £100bn+ cost attributed to it.

Had he used the last six years to stop the situation whereby anyone who walks into the country – even illegally – is entitled to the same benefits as those born here, he wouldn’t have a housing crisis like there is today.

Had he forged ahead with the plan for Free Ports, slashed EU inflicted red tape on businesses and avoided a trade barrier in the Irish Sea, reclaimed our fishing waters and not shut the economy for two years, the UK could be thriving.

Had he had a proper energy policy in place to make sure the UK was self-sufficient, maybe, just maybe, fuel and energy prices wouldn’t be leading the cost-of-living crisis that has caused him to borrow yet more money in a bribe to every household.

But no, imperial measures it is, measure that are used in just three other countries in the world - the US, Myanmar and Liberia. It’s a distraction, window dressing, and of little substance. It is papering over the cracks of a Tory government that has once again become mired in sleaze after starting to think it is invincible.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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