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Overhaul The Law On Self-Defence

Following two incidents yesterday, an unprovoked attack by a psychotic East European which I witnessed, and a colleague of a friend being deliberately run down in a road rage incident, I will be campaigning for an overhaul of the law on self-defence and citizen’s arrest.

In the latter incident, the victim was deliberately run over after remonstrating with the driver of an Audi TT for dangerous driving. A paramedic from a nearby car and a GP visiting a nearby house, rushed out to treat her injuries. Other drivers refused to allow the attacker to flee the scene. The Police did not attend until 55 mins after the 999 call was placed. I’m sure you will agree this is not a sound basis for law and order.

Under Peelian Police Principles ‘The Police are the People; the People are the Police’.

We are currently sub-contracting our public safety to a Police more concerned with ‘twitter crime’ and whose senior officers lock themselves in their cars while their colleagues are stabbed to death by terrorists, the status quo cannot stand.

I propose:

  1. The right of self-defence is to be absolute, not tempered by ‘reasonable’ force;

  2. Cases of death and injury caused by self-defence are immediately referred to a local Justice of the Peace, not arrest by the police;

  3. Citizens arrest and restraint rules are simplified;

  4. Pepper sprays are immediately de-criminalised as a first step for self-defence;

  5. Criminal entry to your home during the hours of darkness can be met with whatever force is to hand;

  6. First Aider certificates issued by a competent authority merit a 5% reduction in personal taxation;

  7. Immediate deportation to their home country for violent offenders with no appeal.

Andrew Withers Chairman Libertarian Party

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