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Open And Honest Debate.

Somebody in the upper echelons of the NHS is calling for an ‘open an honest’ debate on lifting Covid restrictions.

Only hearing this vaguely on the radio , when I was fully awake I googled what I had heard using the term ‘ open and honest debate NHS ‘

Guess what, there are pages and pages of open and honest debates NHS articles and posts going back ten years.

This is the organisation that failed to plan post exercise Cygnus for a pandemic , has by any stretch of the imagination a management structure that is designed to service the needs of its constituency - its patients.

It has a failed 1950’s bureaucratic structure and has defeated all attempts to reform by successive governments.

Most managers within the structure would not cut it in the commercial world let alone justify their salaries. There are talented managers in the NHS but they are cowed by threats of suspension and dismissal if they speak out.

Having killed the economy ‘ to save the NHS’ perhaps it is time to have an ‘open and honest’ debate about the future of this behemoth that sucks in more and more capital every year

The NHS did not provide the v@ccInes the private sector did

Andrew Withers

Wessex Coordinator

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