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I suppose it was only to be expected that Matt Hancock would wind up having to undertake all manner of humiliating bush tucker trials in 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here'.

However, I've long had my suspicions about the hapless former secretary-of-state for health being offered up as a patsy by others in government who wish to deflect attention from their own acts and omissions in response to CoVid. In fact, the show is acquiring some of the hallmarks of a classic 'dead cat' strategy.

Perhaps they're hoping that if an aggrieved British public is thrown a scapegoat in the form of Matt Hancock upon which to vent their spleens, then, gripped by that strange collective amnesia (or should that be guilt and shame?) that's overcome them with regard to the cruel, arbitrary and absurd lockdown 'rules' they allowed themselves to be subjected to, they won't bother holding to account all the other politicians, scientists and government advisors who dreamt those 'rules' up.

And yet, as that old saying goes, a people who learn nothing from history's mistakes (or, more worryingly, who don't want to learn) will sooner or later be doomed to repeat them.

(Dead Cat Strategy – or ‘Dead Catting': the introduction of a shocking, dramatic or sensationalist topic (as in, pointing out that Pussy has just gone belly up) in order to divert attention from a more damaging issue that those in authority don't want discussed - attributed to Australian political strategist, Lynton Crosby).

Thanks to Ray Burston, former Conservative Councillor.

P.S. In other news, it has been reported that Matt Hancock has received medical treatment for a very painful sting from a scorpion. We are happy to note that no permanent damage was done and that the scorpion was safely removed from the camp.

Martin Day- Party Secretary

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