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Onwards and Upwards

Dated 27th August 2020

After months of inactivity and focussing on internal matters, the Libertarian Party has stuck to its principles of protecting individual members by adhering to its Constitution.

In doing so, they have reversed the slide into populist nationalism and remain committed to devolved government away from Whitehall and Westminster.

Draconian measures taken by the current government has placed the country into massive debt and ruined the lives of millions.

In the face of the biggest loss of personal Liberty since the Six Acts of 1819, the Party had been little more than a passive bystander.

Now, however, a slimmed down NCC, each with named portfolios, offers the opportunity to respond to events as they happen.

The series of rolling resignations has seen younger activists already seeking to step into positions of more responsibility, though some positions will not be replaced.

The situation where the NCC was twice the size of that of the US Party was not viable.

However, it should be noted that over the period of the alleged implosion, they were consistently taking in more members as voters became increasingly annoyed at governmental authoritarianism.

A new Nominating Officer has been appointed and a leadership election will be run amongst members, with its culmination at the next conference.


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