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One on her Own.

Suella Braverman is the current target of the left’s faux rage. Why? Not because of a few stray emails foolishly sent from the wrong account, but because Braverman actually wants to reduce illegal immigration.

Much of that immigration is currently coming from Albania, a safe country that hasn’t seen war in years. But British charity, i.e., benefits, is a big draw. In a debate with a Labour councillor yesterday, I was told “There's a huge problem with organised crime gangs in Albania trafficking people here with threats of violence and debt if they try to get away. It certainly isn't safe for those individuals.”

Whether these people end up working or claiming, it is fair to say that the traffickers will be after a percentage of what they get, and, in this way, the government is assisting the crime. In making it so easy to be accepted into the country is akin to negotiating with hijackers. The only way these boats will stop coming is if the money tap is turned off.

Sam Ashworth-Hayes, writing in the Spectator puts it well;

‘There is a simple reason that these people want to come to Britain. Our economy is strong, work is easy to find, English is the global language. None of these are sufficient reasons to say that they should be allowed to come. Fortunately for them, the UK is a soft touch. If you pay for a boat from France, burn your papers, and say the right things, you stand a good chance of being given asylum. This is why Britain grants 76 per cent of asylum claims, compared to the EU average of 34 per cent. If you’re Albanian, your chance of getting in is 52 per cent, against just 8 per cent in France.

‘If this fails, remember: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Perhaps, like the Liverpool suicide bomber, whose asylum claim was rejected, you might want to consider a conversion to Christianity? As a last resort, you can always rely on the sheer incompetence of the Home Office. The number of deportations has dropped steadily year after year even as the number of people arriving has risen. This isn’t because people deserve to stay; it’s because we don’t properly keep track of people arriving.”

I’d suggest recalling Matt Hancock from the jungle, he seems to like Track & Trace schemes – but the country can’t afford him anywhere near a government budget. Far better that everyone can vote for him to eat kangaroo balls – reminiscent of the balls-up he made of the health Service. Sadly, it is only deselection that awaits the return of hapless Hancock, not handcuffs.

But I digress...

If you were in any doubt, this is a border crisis. The political will to deal with the issue just hasn’t been there for the last twenty years. Labour sees the migrants as new voters, while the Tories see cheap labour for their corporate chums. All the while, the poor UK taxpayer has to fund their plans. No wonder Ms Braverman is under fire.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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