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One member's view of the strikes...

In the past, if I've been unhappy with my job or the amount I was being paid, I'd get off my arse, get my resume in order, apply for other jobs, go to interviews and then negotiate on job offers. It worked every time, because if I was worth what I wanted, someone would pay it.

Or, ultimately, in 2015 I set up my own limited company and went self-employed.

At no point did it occur to me to not turn up to work and pay mouthpieces to kick off publicly on my behalf about how unacceptable my employment status was.

If I was still a PAYE slave robot now, I especially wouldn't do all this when it was my employers (ie government) who had made it illegal for people who aren't employed by my employers (ie private sector) to not go to work or open up for business and operate for 2 years, which in the process caused this COST OF LOCKDOWN inflation in the first place.

But that's just me, I'm all about self-responsibility... I'm sure if they scream a bit louder, they'll get their "demands" met eventually.

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