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One Law for Them...

The latest alleged case of lawmakers being lawbreakers has appeared up in Scotland, with a video posted on social media appearing to show their First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, mask free during a visit to a barber on Saturday.

There is still a legal requirement to wear a face covering, a rule maintained by Ms Sturgeon, in most indoor public places in Scotland, including shops, public transport and the aforementioned hairdressers.

Ms Sturgeon even taps a man’s head whilst he is seated in a barber's chair and accompanies it by making the sound of an electric razor. (Should we add assault to the list of complaints?)

The Scottish Government said the incident on Saturday was an issue for the party. Er, no, it’s an issue for most of us. The differing rules between the devolved nations over the last winter have given the largest case study yet on whether masks make any difference or not.

Given the fact that England had a much more relaxed atmosphere and actually finished with no more cases and deaths per head of population, in fact slightly less, one would be forgiven for thinking that the wearing of bits of paper or cloth actually exacerbates the issue. But I digress…

Here in England, Boris’ attempts to focus all eyes on Ukraine and away from himself are set to be given a jolt by him getting a second fine for the Downing Street parties, with one report saying that No10 lockdown drinks 'turned into a party once the Prime Minister arrived'. I’m sure he’ll get loads of invitations to parties once his career as a politician is finished then!

There is much anger about these lofty individuals believing they are above the laws they themselves made, and rightly so. But here’s another thought – why isn’t there the same anger about the fact that they made so many restrictive laws of dubious benefit in the first place?

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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