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Not Clapping Any More

"Public satisfaction with the NHS has dropped to its lowest level for 25 years after a sharp fall during the pandemic, a survey suggests.

The British Social Attitudes poll, seen as the gold standard measure of public opinion, found 36% of the 3,100 asked were satisfied in 2021.

That is a drop from 53% the year before - the largest fall in a single year.

Only once have satisfaction levels been lower since the poll started in 1983."


The Public Sector Unions and fiscally incompetent NHS management have turned the NHS into a cult called ‘Our NHS‘ which renders it impervious to change.

The Libertarian Party has always stated that the largest employer in the land should not be set above normal financial rules. It is also a fraud to say that it is free.

It’s failures with the recent Pandemic were principally to do with a lack of planning. Shortcomings were exposed with Exercise Cygnus in 2016. So rather than face up to it’s failures, it made the results ‘classified’ and did nothing.

The NHS is a clapped out nineteen fifties Stalinist delivery model, only the nursing and medical staff keep it going at great personal cost, with low wages and long hours.

Public figures happily clapped every Thursday. Clapping in a North Korean manner is alien to our way of life. We libertarians, on the other hand. are asking what has gone wrong? The public seem to now share this view.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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