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Not all dinosaurs are dead.

When considering the merits of recent former Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown and John Major don’t figure at the top of most people’s list. To be truthful, it would be a straight fight between the two as to who was the WORST.

Sadly, it comes as no surprise that these two failures are at the forefront of a call to have a Nuremburg-style trial for Vladimir Putin and his henchmen once the Ukraine war is over. How exactly is this going to help the efforts for peace? The EU is equally culpable, Von Der Leyen saying ‘ Ukraine belongs to us ‘ has fomented Russian fears of a threat.

"We must move with speed, to assure the people of Ukraine that we are committed to action and not just warm words - and we must make Putin's collaborators aware that the noose is tightening. If they do not distance themselves from Putin, they face prosecution and prison," said Mr Brown.

I am trying to imagine the scene where mad Vlad voluntarily pitches up at The Hague with his lawyers, knowing that defeat would see him swinging at the end of a rope. Funnily enough, I just can’t see it happening. Moreover, such inflammatory talk is likely to have the effect of backing Mr Putin into a corner, making him lash out in the most horrible of ways.

Right now, tens of thousands of people have been killed and over three million have been forced to flee the country. Russian missiles are hitting Lviv, just a few miles from the Polish (and NATOs) border. Surely the best efforts of the world’s politicians should be focused on ending this conflict, not adding fuel to the fire?

Putin is still reputed to have the support of over 65% of the Russian people, we can’t hang them all! The Russian Army has failed totally in its war aims; they need to be offered a way out, not a trap door.

These two failed dinosaurs should go back to their pipes and slippers.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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