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Newton's Law

The Chesham and Amersham by-election result provided an incredible mix of local and national issues for the Liberal Democrats where they were able to show how far the Blue Party has gone to the left. From the devastation caused by the new HS2 rail line that is to run through the constituency to proposed planning changes that could see great swathes of English countryside turned into housing estates, it appears the lurch to the left under Johnson is alienating former Tory heartland.

The losing Tory candidate said, “The Lib Dems threw the kitchen sink, the microwave and everything else at this seat.” Well, they might have, but ultimately leaflets, posters and high profile visitors don’t win elections. Yes, they help, but particularly in by-elections, policies that affect the constituency come to the fore. The lack of confidence in this government to protect their way of life saw voters register their frustration.

Boris and his team have thrown money at their newly gained, former “Red Wall” seats like an over-enthusiastic mother of the bride throwing confetti. Not real money, of course, but the newly printed or borrowed kind. The great “evening up the country” drive is nothing more than communism under a shiny new name.

Andy Street, the West Midlands Mayor, keeps up a constant monologue telling us about the money he’s won, or secured, from central government. What he means is; “I have persuaded this government to borrow money, in such quantities that your children and grandchildren will never be able to pay back, and thus will be held in hoc to the government forever through ever-increasing taxes.” Doesn’t sound like a vote-winner to me, but he’s got away with it so far.

This isn’t building back better for anyone bar the elite and the huge corporations who bankroll them.

Newton’s Law states “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” I believe this has being proved here. The further the “Conservatives” go in their quest to be popular in poorer urban areas, the more they will lose ground in better off constituencies. This is where the Libertarians have their opportunity.

Our aim is not to provide equality for all, as per Johnson and his nouveau-socialists, but to provide equal opportunity for all, the type that was last seen in the eighties. Now we have to force that message across to voters. We have three years!

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