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News Update

The Party has signed the venue agreement for our conference on the 24th September 2022 in Milton Keynes.

It has been over two years, since we had to repeatedly had to cancel the scheduled conference in Cardiff due to COVID restrictions, especially those imposed by the devolved administration in Wales.

We will be announcing the line up of speakers in due course.

Much of the party business will be surrounding the formulation of the party manifesto for the next General Election.

The dynamic Dudley branch has shown the way on how to fight elections and win over large numbers of a disillusioned local electorate.

We welcome on to the NCC; Zac Davenport, who has taken on the Northumbria Coordinator role, and Rob Ede, who has taken on a similar role for Wessex.

There is plenty of space for volunteers to join the team getting the conference together. Don’t be shy !

The party has recognised that the website has been problematic since Christmas and at the last NCC meeting it was resolved to bring in independent IT consultants and to set up a professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to deal with contacting members, setting up local groups, media data base and a supporters and donors data base. We are targeting May 1st to have this work complete.

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