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New Year, Same Problem

Andrew Withers Party Chairman


Yet again we are on the annual winter financial NHS crisis, and the solution always offered is the same, throw more money at the problem. The money being ‘Government’ money which of course is Taxpayers’ money – not magic money from the free money tree.

Notwithstanding that the NHS wastes £2bn a year on Labour’s off balance sheet scam called PFI, and one health tourist alone cost the NHS in Manchester £500,000, waste is endemic in the NHS, as is incompetence. Where else in Europe are we seeing hospitals close for operations and telling people to stay away from A&E?

For Libertarians, the aim is to move to a low tax economy, this can only start when reduced state spending happens. Renegotiating NHS PFI contracts can only be completed legally if NHS trusts are put into liquidation or administration. The NHS needs to cease being a political football, and be removed from state control to an independent body without government.  So perhaps we should have the courage to say the unsayable – that the NHS has to be completely restructured to free itself from the founding fathers’ Ponzi structure, the PFI disasters, the black hole of NHS staff unfunded pension scheme and the bloated bureaucracy.

Saying and thinking the unthinkable and not bowing down to sacred cows is a Libertarian strength. 2018 ought to be the year we must embrace it.

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