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New Feudalism

Boris’ cabinet did not think they could get away with it, but placing everybody in the land under house arrest was accepted and joyfully so.

Royalty clapped along on Thursday evenings, so did politicians, so did the opposition, who were demanding even greater restrictions.

The nationalists in both Scotland and Wales had to go one better and impose greater and longer restrictions to prove their nationalist virility.

For me, Liberal England did not die 2020-22, it was cremated and its ashes cast into the wind.

The Civil Service that had defeated both Dominic Cummings and Steve Hilton's meagre attempts at holding them in check, is now on a roll, embracing every lunatic green communitarian policy going that enhances their unelected power.

Unless opposition grows and has the courage to say no, we are heading for a new feudalism, your children and grandchildren will ask what happened and just be reduced to being serfs for a new faux aristocracy of bureaucrats.

Just say no.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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