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Misandry Again

Sir Keir Starmer says he wants to end violence against women. This party would rather end violence against anyone except in self-defence. For if you put the female gender on a pedestal and not the other, making them a special class of victim, are you not committing the equally abhorrent act of misandry?

His latest bandwagon rolls like this “It is my personal mission to tackle violence against women and girls. It is destroying lives and families. This government is failing, Labour would act to protect women.

“Impose tougher sentences for rape, stalking and domestic murder, including a minimum sentence for rape of seven years and whole life tariffs for rape, abduction and murder.

“Roll out new specialist rape courts, fast-tracking rape cases and supporting victims.

“Establish a new Domestic Violence Register for serial domestic abusers and stalkers.”

These are noble enough intentions, but are they going to be achieved by discriminating against one set of victims. As Fathers 4 Justice rightly point out, one in three victims of domestic violence is male.

So, we say if you allow misogyny to be a hate crime, misandry must be added at the same time? Then, they cancel each other out. Or... you could stop making unnecessary laws.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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