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Minister Of Disinformation

West Midlands Libertarian MEP, Bill Etheridge called Cabinet Office minister David Liddington the “Minister of Disinformation” in the wake of US President Trump saying a free trade deal would be threatened if Mrs May’s deal with the EU went ahead.

Cabinet Office minister David Liddington said Mr Trump’s comments “were not unexpected” and negotiations on a trade deal with the US were always going to be “challenging”.

“The United States is a tough negotiator,” he said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “President Trump’s always said very plainly ‘I put America first’. Well, I’d expect the British Prime Minister to put British interests first.”

Yet President Trump said only last month that he wanted a “cutting edge” free trade deal with the UK to start immediately after Brexit.

Bill Etheridge MEP, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman raged “Mr Liddington is clearly Mrs May’s Minister of Disinformation.

“Are we now expected to believe that the most pro-UK President in years is to blame for the damage to the chances of a UK:US free trade deal?

It is Theresa May’s “deal” that will strangle the life out of UK trade and enterprise and hinder us getting free trade with the biggest economic market on earth.

“Trust the BBC to peddle such rubbish. They and Mr Liddington make for excellent bedfellows.”

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