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Migration – the new unmentionable subject?

Date: Monday 3rd December 2018

Next week’s UN Global Compact for Migration sets universal rights and conditions for migrants, but Bill Etheridge MEP has pointed out that if the paper is signed without changes, then even criticising migration would be criminalised.

Louise Arbour, the former Canadian judge and senior U.N. official behind the pact, said “There is not a single member state that is obligated to do anything that it doesn’t want to.”

To which Etheridge retorted, “If it’s not compulsory, why even write it?

Italy became the latest nation to withdraw its support in a growing rebellion sparked by the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz,

Mr Etheridge, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman stormed “One can never criticise the decision of an individual to try and better their life.

“However, to try and criminalise opposition to this by limiting freedom of speech is a heinous course to take.

“The ruling elite are getting ever bolder in restricting the rights of citizens throughout the world.

“Freedom of Speech is one of the last remaining freedoms we have – we cannot surrender it to unelected bureaucrats.”


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