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573,000 people migrated into the UK and 334,000 people emigrated from it, leaving net migration of 239,000 people. This represents the balance of long-term migrants moving in and out of the country.

The available data suggests that in 2019 there were around 994,000 British nationals living in other EU countries

*House of Commons Library

This is the other side of the immigration debate. One third of a million people leaving the U.K. for good, one million already have done.

One supposes that while a good proportion are those retiring, but equally this is some of the new wave of the ‘brain drain ‘ we saw last in the sixties and seventies.

The same old reasons remain high taxation.and lack of opportunity

Doing a ‘John Galt’ is a favoured respond amongst libertarians, removing yourself from oppression and theft by corrupt Government.

There is little surprise that the reason many cite is the chance to work and study.

Most of our emigres, leave because they have worked and have studied and did not like the crushing atmosphere in the workplace in the UK.

“The average age of emigrants to North America is 45. This is slightly above the figure for emigrants to Europe (39) and Ireland (40).”

*John Jerrim

University College London

Compare that with the predominantly young men crossing the channel, not all are brain surgeons. Both immigration and emigration are at historical high level.

The country is changing, and the new brain drain is here.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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