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Making criminals of us all

‘Hundreds of people are thought to have descended on a huge illegal rave in Cornwall. The event, on Davidstow Moor near Camelford, began on Friday night and has grown to cover "quite a large area", police said.

Officers have been turning people away from the gathering, which has caused gridlock on surrounding roads. Devon and Cornwall Police said it was working to disperse revellers from the scene.’

Meanwhile, a huge legal rave was underway in central London, causing much the same problems with traffic and noise, featuring wokery and green propaganda, not to mention clapped out stars from the seventies.

The event, as far as I am concerned, started with promise with Paddington Bear making an appearance, but it rapidly descended into a rap fest.

Yet again, when the State does it, it is legal. When you do it, you need a licence or approval.

We are now at a crossroads with the state normalising behaviour and attitudes that even ten years ago would have been called fringe attitudes

The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men - Plato

We are letting them destroy our way of life

Andrew Withers FRSA

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