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Looking Forward

On Saturday 7th May , the NCC of the Libertarian Party considered the results of the local elections, on May 5th 2022.

The party made a good showing in Dudley with strong candidates , and proved the validity of having a cluster of candidates rather than lone candidates.

The glaring omission with media reporting and especially with the BBC was the undeniable fact of the poor turnout figures that barely got above 35% of the electorate. When 65% voted none of the above. There can be no possible claim by the ‘victorious non representative’ to have any legitimacy to pass legislation to enforce taxation.

The BBC refused to give any discussion or airtime to any other than their favourite Blue/Red/Yellow teams and the bizarre favoured coverage of the Greens, who are at the root cause of the energy crisis faced by the poor in the U.K.

The BBC has never got past the two and a half party system. They are not covering political debate. This was proved by the Brexit Referendum. UKIP was vilified repeatedly in the media and Europe was a running sore in the body politic for twenty years.

The current debate is also not being addressed. The blue, red and yellow teams are virtually indistinguishable from each other in terms of policy. Indeed, during lock down, they were trying to outdo each other in terms of the savagery of lockdown. This has now turned into tit for tat personality politics of Boris v Keir.

The Libertarian Party is committed to Direct Democracy on the Swiss model. The current sham of post democracy is political stagnation at its worst.

The following proposal, with its amendment, was passed as party policy to be ratified by conference on 24th September in Milton Keynes.

"As taxation is theft without consent;

It is proposed that any election where less than fifty per cent of the electorate turnout to vote that that election is declared null and void by the returning officer.

Any public office that is declared null and void twice should be abolished , and replaced by referenda on the Swiss Model. Equally, no new public office should be created without at least seventy per cent of the electorate consenting."

When Biden has created another behemoth call the Department of Environmental Justice, you can be sure the Greens and their fellow travellers in the Parliamentary parties will be pushing for the same in the U.K.

The Party is now in the process of selecting a PPC for the Tiverton By Election when the writ is moved. If you feel that you can contribute - or even wish to put your name forward, contact us.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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