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Liberty Rising

Adam Brown Party Leader

No government willingly gives power back to the people – when we are speaking about freedom there is not an option to let them have the power now and take it back in the future. The time to stop them is always now. Tomorrow is too late.

I would like to reflect on the past and look to the future as 2017 draws to a close. At the January Libertarian Party Conference we reflected on 2016 and what a prominent year it had been. Yet 2017 started with a dominant Conservative Party, an opposition in disarray being affectively led by the SNP and all the questions were about if there would ever be a Labour government again. Then in April the Prime Minister decided to press ahead with her plan to wipe out Labour by calling an election. In merely one night in June the political scene altered to one with a resurgence of the far left – it has altered to such a point that the conversation is now one of when Britain will elect the unelectable Communist himself! We are now left asking – how long can the Conservatives cling to power?

However, for the Libertarian Party this has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to prepare for a surprise election. I assert that a political party is only as good as its ability to fight elections; we relished the opportunity to return to the general election stage for the first time in seven years! This proved to be a positive experience which has resulted in the party’s growth and allowed us to ascertain our ability to seamlessly enter into full “election mode”. Most notably we learned that the party cannot grow from the centre and that we need willing volunteers to grow the branches if we are to progress. For this reason we have brought in new activists and put the support in place for people to network with the aim that we can fight local elections in key areas. Thus, we shall be ready for the next general election – which could be in the next twelve months! Therefore, we are calling on all members to help with these efforts. Please contact your local branch coordinator to find out how you can help. We have a great need for local candidates for elections in your area and we need people to help with delivering leaflets, conducting political research and organising social events. Political life is rewarding!

However, I believe we are approaching a potentially perilous time in UK Politics. There has been a steady decline in the central ground as the government implements an ever more authoritarian stance, whilst in the opposition we see proclaimed Communists gaining traction – leaving the country stuck with little choice but oppressive government. With this in mind, it is worth repeating something I often find myself saying in speeches – “No government willingly gives power back to the people” – when we are speaking about freedom there is not an option to let them have the power now and take it back in the future. The time to stop them is always now. Tomorrow is too late. Therefore, we need to continue to challenge every irrational, intrusive step the government takes into our lives and every freedom they seek to steal from us “for our own good.” And we need all of you to help with this fight. So do come to our conference on Saturday 20th January. We need your views, opinions, skills and time. Sign up to help with the local elections in 2018 so we can deliver our message of freedom to more people; attend our regional meet ups; read our monthly newsletters.

In this festive period on behalf of the Libertarian Party, I wish you peace and happiness now and an excellent New Year. It shall be our best yet; liberty is rising!

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