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Libertarian Reaction To Farage’s Resignation

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2018

The Libertarian Party welcomes the principled stand by Nigel Farage to part company with UKIP.

This cannot have been an easy decision; our party has been steadily absorbing Libertarian UKIP members since Bill Etheridge MEP joined the Libertarian Party in October.

The Party stands ready to be part of a broad movement to preserve Liberty and the Democratic decision of the British People to become an independent country again free from the bureaucratic constraints of the EU.

The LP recognises the pivotal role Nigel Farage played in bringing this about, and also the part played by UKIP.

Unlike UKIP, the LP has a coherent philosophy underpinning it , while sharing the desire and campaigning to Leave the EU .

The NCC appeals to all Libertarians who have contacted us in the last eight weeks to join us without delay.

The clock is ticking, May is deceiving the Nation. Hours and days count.

Andrew Withers

Chairman Libertarian Party UK

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