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Libertarian Party Defence Policy Explained

Three years ago at the last party conference before the plague, conference endorsed the policy proposed by the NCC.

The events of the last three years especially the Russian Invasion of Ukraine have largely vindicated that policy.

The greatest risk any general staff can make is to fight the last war. That is what the Russians have done with their invasion of Ukraine, over-dependency on tanks, which have been countered with a new generation of relatively cheap killer drones and anti-tank missiles.

Equally, the British Defence Staff have invested billions in Aircraft Carriers that were strategically redundant after the Battle of Midway in 1942. Any land based missile can send one of these carriers to the bottom with one strike.

Forty six thousand illegals crossed the channel in 2022 unhindered by these carriers.

We took advice from retiring naval officers, who expressed the same view, and that the nuclear arsenal was something that never was going to be used.

Our policy is predicated on the Swiss Militia system, which can put tens of thousands of fully trained men and women into the field in a matter of hours. The Ukrainian Defence Forces have demonstrated that ordinary people can rise to the challenge of à conventionally overpowering invasion by a conscript army. Much the same happened in Vietnam to bring the United States to its knees, militarily.

Unlike Blair and his cronies our defence policy is based of the right of self defence, not the invasion of sovereign countries

It was a hard sell to conference, but the Ukraine has showed that it is the right policy for the 21st Century.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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