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Libertarian Party Conference Postponed

Dated 17th August 2020

Due to the continued confusion surrounding Covid-19 governmental preventative measures, the Libertarian Party has delayed their conference till 2021.

The date will move from October 3rd 2020, to March 20th 2021 and will remain at the Park Plaza in Cardiff, Wales.

Martin Day, Libertarian Party press secretary, said, “Since we have no clear leadership on what measures might be in place by October, we are left with no choice but to postpone the conference till next March.

We hope, by then, that the scare over this virus has died down and things have returned to normal.

It is just not feasible to hold reasoned political debate with delegates sitting distanced from each other with masks on.

For example, anyone hard of hearing and relying on lip-reading, would be at a severe disadvantage.

The new date will also allow prospective attendees to pre-book hotels at a more reasonable rate.

We look forward to as many members as possible joining us to further the mantra of individual freedom over government authoritarianism.”


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