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“Legislation for legislation’s sake”

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge accused the country’s law makers of “legislation for legislation’s sake”.

His comments come as the Law Commission – the independent body that regularly reviews laws – began its review of so-called hate crime following a campaign by the Labour MP Stella Creasy.

Ms Creasy feels misogyny should be listed as a hate crime, but misandry, ageism and also membership of certain sub-cultures, such as Goths, could be considered.

The Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “We are now into the realms of having legislation for legislation’s sake.

“It is very wrong that the victim of one crime should be any more, or less, important than another.

“Will we next have the rich, as envy drives burglaries, or the poor, with crimes committed through snobbery?

“One thing seems certain – we will end up with a ridiculous number of unnecessary laws before we end up back where we started, with all victims worth the same!”

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