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Last/Dernier Minute

Confirmation that Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leyen will call each other this afternoon could be seen as a positive sign that there is a breakthrough imminent on Brexit. However, both sides are warning that news of a big breakthrough may be premature.

Three major sticking points remain; fishing rights, the rules governing state subsidies for business and how the agreement is governed, with the EU wanting everything decided by the European Courts of Justice (ECJ). With that p[articular organisation being renowned for finding against the UK, it is no wonder why it appears to be one of Boris’ red lines.

Emmanuel Macron is terrified of the French fishing fleet and so has enjoyed the role of Brexit baddie throughout. For an unpopular President, it is one area where he has backing from his people. If France’s threat to use its veto materialises, the deal is dead.

Travelling back from Brussels, I’ve been victim to French fishermen’s action a time or two. Sitting in the port at Dunkirk is not one for the easily bored. There wass no cafe, no decent wifi and only the most basic of conveniences. If you wanted food, there were a few vending machines and that’s it. It was, however, cheaper than Calais to sail from and this usually swung the decision. But sitting there being told that trawlers were blocking the harbour entrance wasn’t amusing. They certainly weren’t English ones!

Elsewhere in Europe, the spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “there is always room for compromise”.and Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin said he “fervently hoped” a trade deal can be agreed. Unlike his predecessor, Varadkar, he probably understands that the Irish economy is vastly reliant on trade with the UK.

As for the Libertarian Party position in all this? Well, we sincerely hope that a free trade deal will happen. Tariffs will add to prices, though under WTO rules nothing like the crazy predictions that have adorned some of the left wing press.

But that deal has to come at no loss of of long term cost to our waters and no governance by any EU institution. Our stance is not some jingoistic, nationalistic one, but the desire for the complete and utter removal of a layer of government. The less levels the better and the closer power is to the individual is, the better. Let us hope for the best at the last minute.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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