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Join the Libertarian Party for the price of a pint.

Date: Friday 19th April 2019

The Libertarian Party have launched a monthly membership option in a drive to increase membership.

Existing members renewing their membership and potential new members now have the option of paying £3.50 per month.

Membership otherwise remains the same at £25 per year, which is discounted for certain groups.

Martin Day, the NCC member who proposed the change, said, “It now means that interested people can join for the price of a pint.

With taxation at the highest level since the late ‘60s, the cost of annual membership can make the poorest stop and think, whereas the price of a beer or a coffee doesn’t.

“I believe it will prove popular.”

Andrew Withers, Party Chairman added, “We want to include everybody in the fight for liberty; spreading the cost monthly is something I support.”

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