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Johnson no longer has any credibility

This is probably the moment that the Johnson Administration fell apart , not the departure of Dominic Cummings, but the resignation of Sir Alex Allan who found that Patel had breached the Ministerial code over allegations of bullying and swearing at her staff, but Boris tried and failed to get him to tone down his report.

Priti ‘PR’ Patel is one of those politicians that has brought this country to its knees. She goes nowhere without her personal photographer. Everything is about her and her latest photo op, not Government policy or representing the voter. She is a narcissistic exponent of government by media.

The other narcissist that makes everything about him is the patronising Hancock, he is so desperate to be be Boris replacement he takes full credit for ‘saving the world ‘ much like Gordon Brown , but deliberately went out of his way to say , if the much vaunted vaccine fails and causes harmful side affects ‘ nothing to do with me guv’

This Government and Johnson, no longer has any credibility, the Chancellor knows the country cannot afford this omnishambles , and should have resigned on this point of principle , instead he will sink with the Johnson ship.

Johnson has reverted to type and thrown a two week sickie rather than face reality, his bunker mentality is promising more and more spending that he knows there are no revenues for.

He is not a leader, he is in thrall like Patel to what the headlines will say tomorrow. A leader would have received the Allan report and sacked her on the spot.

Government by media is the worst form of government only made possible by the concentration of power into so few hands.

The Libertarian Party stands for devolution of power to as near the individual as possible

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