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Job For Mr. Brexit

West Midlands Libertarian MEP, Bill Etheridge demanded Nigel Farage be the one to join the big Brexit debate as the “Brexiteer”, not current UKIP leader Gerard Batten.

He said Nigel was the only one who had the charisma and oratory skills to win the debate and having won the referendum deserved the spotlight.

He also believed Mr Farage was instantly recognisable, whereas Mr Batten is virtually unknown outside UKIP circles.

Bill Etheridge MEP, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman urged “For the sake of Brexit, move aside for Nigel.

“This isn’t about ego or who is or isn’t the leader now – this is critical for our country.

“Nigel didn’t earn the title “Mr Brexit” lightly. He is universally known for his long fight for independence.

“There’s only one man for the job – step forward Nigel Farage – your country needs you like never before.”

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