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Is Tax Theft?

Looting is the act of stealing, or the taking of goods by force, typically in the midst of a military, political, or other social crisis, such as war, natural disasters (where law and civil enforcement are temporarily ineffective),or rioting. The proceeds of all these activities can be described as booty, loot, plunder, spoils, or pillage.

Looting is a common practice by those with the monopoly of power/ weaponry. In wartime, looting has traditionally been declared a war crime. In peace time, looting by the State is sanctioned by the power of the State to coerce, forfeit or imprison.

Taxation is theft is a common Libertarian statement. I prefer Taxation without consent is a civil/criminal exercise in looting the wealth of the individual.

It is the issue of consent and the lack of a written constitution that is critical here. The looters who work for government should be personally responsible for their crimes.

Just saying it is ‘fair‘ is mealy mouthed, and trying to curry favour with those who wish to live off handouts and rations authorised by Government with minimal effort on standing on their own feet.

While this party believes in a safety net, it does not believe in a hammock for life.

Our devolution policies mean that the public vote of various propositions by direct democracy not be electing susceptible politicians.

You can either accept business as usual or vote for being asked for real consent before being relieved of your hard earned cash.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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