Is a pan-European nationalism or continentalism possible?

History shows us that European borders are largely transient , Germany only came into being on January 18, 1871, when Otto von Bismarck read out the proclamation of the Emperor of Prussia in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. The German Reich was founded after Germany won the 1870-1871 war against France.

Those that wrap themselves in the flags of decaying nation states and close borders are swimming against the tide of history

Here a thought provoking guest article from Paul Wood

Technology and the decline of the nation state

Most people nowadays no longer live in villages, towns or cities but on the internet.

On the internet nations are an abstract idea.

Some states restrict internet use (China, Vietnam, Russia, countries in the Middle East and in the future the European Union) but only three that I know of (Turkmenistan, Cuba and North Korea) more or less ban it altogether.

In the democratic countries so far the internet is not linked to territory.

I could be writing these lines from Bucharest, Bukhara or Timbuktoo. In fact, I am writing this in Bodrum in Turkey.

Distance has been abolished. Have nations?

Abolishing distance creates many problems. Only the naive imagined that this might not be so.

People are happy now to work at home, not realising that if they can do their jobs remotely so can people in poorer countries for less money.