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Individuals have the right to protect and defend themselves.

Dated 6th September 2020

Last night saw a multiple stabbing in Birmingham, with one fatality and at least seven more injured.

Glenville Gogerly, the Party’s Home Affairs spokesman, said “The people are the police and the police are the people. 

In the early hours of the morning we saw the violence of a multiple stabbings take place on the Streets of Birmingham. As yet the suspect has not been caught and therefore we don’t understand the motive surrounding this horrible attack. 

As the search continues we must let the police do their investigation and hopefully catch the suspect. 

When these attacks take place we see that the victims are unable to defend themselves. There needs to be a grownup conversation in Government on the legalisation of pepper spray, so that people who find themselves in the horrible position of being attacked have a way of defending their life. 

We propose the removal of non-lethal items, such as pepper sprays, from the aegis of the firearms law section five. For too long the law has not given sufficient protection to the law abiding individual.

“Individuals have the right to go about their lives in the Streets and should have the right to protect and defend themselves.

Defending individual freedoms while maintaining individual responsibility.”

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