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Home Security.

Home Security.

Twenty four hours after taking on the Security portfolio Priti Patel the Home Secretary had the brief taken from her and a new Security Minister, Damian Hinds was appointed into new to the role. The portfolio had been without a Minister for a month or so as James Brokenshire stood down due to ill health.

With the imminent fall of Afghanistan and the resurgence of the Taliban people around the world are calling for the redeployment of allied forces to try to stabilise the situation.

A number of British and American troops have returned to the country to oversee the evacuation of diplomatic staff. I believe that those Afghans who helped the allied forces during the war must be allowed safe passage out of the country as if they remain they will most certainly be killed.

Those calling for redeployment have in my eyes not learnt from the mistakes of the past twenty years and even further when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan from 1978 - 1989.

How many more British troops are we going to send into this wild land as cannon fodder? A different strategy and approach must be taken toward the Taliban.

A policy of protecting our citizens on home soil is a much better use of resources than spending billions more of taxpayers money on a war that is thousands of miles away. Boosting home defence can be achieved with the Libertarian Party policy for the introduction of a homeland Yeomanry and Civil defence force. Capable of a quick deployment in the protection of our citizens. You can read our defence policy on our website. Damian Hinds needs to build up homeland security as a priority to thwart any future attacks on home soil.

The strategy of forcing a Western style democracy onto a Middle Eastern nation is in my opinion the wrong strategy. The People of the Middle East must be the ones who drive any change towards a Western style of democracy.

Friedrich Hayek argued that other nations will achieve democracy much quicker if they can see the advantages of a successful democracy and they can achieve it in a much shorter time frame. The people of Afghanistan are the ones who can make a change in the way their country is governed.

There should be no further deployment of troops once the evacuation of all diplomatic staff has taken place.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.

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