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History Will Not Judge Kindly

Imagine you are a student in 2042, reviewing the history of the early 21st Century reading with incredulity ‘the age of madness’. How on earth could you believe what had passed.

A Prime Minister, whose mantra is never explain, never confess, who was known to be a serial liar being maintained in office by a Tory Party too cowardly to do anything about it.

The economy shut down for two years and a government, on behalf of an unprepared NHS, requesting people to clap in the streets every Thursday evening.

People being unable to visit dying relatives in the interest of safety, while the politicians partied.

Building Aircraft Carriers ‘to project power’ but not able to afford the aircraft to go on them.

Printing presses that were rolling out money and debauching the currency.

Holding a celebration for an elderly person costing £88m, when people are unable to heat their homes.

The adoption of green policies that render a country incapable of being self-sufficient in energy.

Just about everything the State touches appears to be reduced to chaos.

The lack of accountability and competence has been the Hallmark of the last twenty years.

This is truly the age of madness!

Andrew Withers FRSA

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