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Hiding behind the flag

What is is it about the Conservative Party that it zeros in on having the most inept as it’s leader?

Cameron the ‘green ‘ blue one , May the wannabe Thatcher, and Boris the wannabe Churchill.

We elect parties to stop the other side winning , let’s not pretend it’s because we love the policies of the party we vote for , it’s the least worse option for ninety percent of us under our ‘political system’ Plus if you are in a ‘safe’ seat if you oppose the incumbent you may as well stay in bed polling day.

The electoral system is broken beyond repair, this weekend was a disaster for the U.K., Christmas cancelled , half the world has banned flights and trade with the U.K. because Hancock and the Medical Mafia have announced a ‘new variant’ of Covid 19 , basically Hancock has thrown a large spanner in the works (again) , Boris’ response is to ‘call a COBRA meeting’ to show you how serious this is ( we actually already know this ) and gives him another chance to do his Churchill impressions

Yesterday this party put out a press release condemning the current Covid policies without equivocation.

The Labour Party and the leader of the ‘opposition’ were silent, despite the fact we know main stream media and House of Commons researchers were reading our output ( technology is a wonderful thing) our exposure was restricted to the local press in parts. So are we saying despite Londoners evacuating London for the first time since 1939, there is no effective opposition to this insanity ??

While it is gratifying to have a spike in new members over the weekend , we are in a major crisis that is largely self inflicted.

The words ‘creek’ and ‘without paddle’ spring to mind. We can only remove these people through elections short of bloody revolution , yet elections ‘are postponed’

The only way confidence can be restored is that Hancock is fired today , this morning and SAGE is disbanded.

Will this happen , what do you think?

No , it will be Churchill impressions and hiding behind the Union flag AGAIN

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